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Show Coursework Writing Skills and Subject Knowledge

Each module in your course is usually assessed through examinations and coursework which often are in the form of an academic essay. In the academic essay writing aspect of your coursework, you should demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and your academic writing skills.

Academic writing is used in coursework because it is appropriate for the purpose of demonstrating knowledge and assessing it. It was developed to eliminate the opportunity to cheat in the form of using taking others’ ideas or works and passing them up as your own or plagiarism. Thus, the best way to demonstrate your knowledge is through academic writing.

The specific academic writing skills you should show in your coursework writing are:

  • interpreting the question
  • explaining your understanding of the subject and relevant issues
  • evaluating analytically by presenting different viewpoints and developing logical arguments
  • presenting evidence to support your opinions and citing relevant sources
  • applying academic writing conventions and terminology appropriate to the subject

In demonstrating your knowledge of the topic, you should:

  • not only ”tell” what you know; rather, you should “teach” it to your readers
  • break down, put in a different perspective or manoeuvre through the basic principles and raw information intodeveloping your own convincing argument
  • state such own convincing argument in a firm and educated way
  • state the most relevant elements of the main topic and discuss them using only the most relevant details involved


Before starting your coursework writing process, you should check your department for any coursework or academic writing guidelines and take note of any assessment criteria.

Write to Achieve the Purpose

The purpose of coursework writing at university is to show your knowledge of the subject matter through academic writing. Use this goal as a guide to help you write your coursework well. Write to achieve this aim and show that you deserve to be awarded the degree.

Posted on January 10, 2014

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