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Writing the Right Style of Sentences

Good sentences are the basic elements of good economics essays. Writing styles mainly depend on the right construction of sentences for the economics essay. Good sentence constructions for economics essays must possess power, rhythm and flexibility. In order to achieve these ideal attributes, your sentences must be clear, succinct and attended with variety. It is challenging enough to comply with all the criteria of good sentence construction for your economics essay. Thus, do not seriously think all these qualities. What you must do is just to focus on writing good sentences for your economics essay.

The first step in writing good sentences is to know what sentences are. A sentence is a word or group of words that express a complete thought. Correspondingly, if you consider writing an economics essay, you must be able to provide sentences that express complete thoughts and have persuasive and logical ideas.

Your challenge then as a writer is to construct good sentences for your economics essay. Try to see the example below and determine their respective styles:

Example 1: Finally, the global economic crisis has come to an end.

Example 2: The global economic crisis has finally come to an end.

Example 3: The global economic crisis has come to an end. Finally.

Examples 1 and 2 both express complete thoughts. When you apply the same style of construction in your economics essay, you will notice that the first example states the feeling of relief first before the main thought. The emotional appeal is due to the word finally. Example 2 expresses the main point first before the emotional appeal. If you apply perspectives in your economics essay, you can see that the first example appeals directly for emotional sympathy than the second example. On the other hand, the second and last sentence of third example is a fragmented sentence. Fragments are not considered in formal essay writing but they are considered in informal essay writing. The use of fragmented sentences is acceptable if you want to emphasise your point in the essay.

In conclusion, the writing style that you will utilise for the economics essay is dependent on your demographic audience. Thus, formal essay writing must be used by way of default if you are dealing with economists, academicians and intellectuals. Other than these, you can use informal essay writing for your economics essay if you want to address the general public.


Posted on January 10, 2014

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